• The atelier

    Aura Design is a small atelier that creates and produces high-quality, made-to-order womenswear and accessories. It was founded by Aura in 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the mission to design exclusive clothing that empowers and gives confidence to women. We value quality and make all our creations last you a long time. 

    Another part of our atelier’s mission is to change the fashion industry. Aura Design promotes sustainability with its made-to-order policy and the repurposing of excess fabrics.

  • The story

    Aura’s Design story goes back to our founder’s childhood. Since she was young, Aura dreamed of designing clothes. She started by creating clothes for her dolls, but sadly cultural and economic circumstances determined her to follow a different career.

    But she never forgot her passion! As an adult, Aura came back to her childhood dream. She enrolled in sewing fashion classes and attended courses at the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Designs. She slowly began to design and sew her own creations. In 2021, Aura made the first tweed jacket that would later become one of her signature styles.

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“I have a passion! Since I was very young, I wanted to design clothes. It wasn’t a possible dream to achieve in communist Romania, nor in the years that followed after communism. But now, and during the last couple of years, I have worked to accomplish the dream I had. My vision is to combine the classy, elegant design with the “city chic”. My concept is sustainable, slow fashion.“