I have a passion! Since I was very young, I wanted to design clothes. It wasn’t a possible dream to achieve in communist Romania, nor in the years that followed after communism. But now, and during the last couple of years, I have worked to accomplish the dream I had.
 My vision is to combine the classy, elegant design with the “city chic”. My concept is sustainable, slow fashion.

Aura Design has been long in the making, going back to the founder’s childhood! Since she was young, Aura dreamed of designing clothes. She started by creating clothes for her dolls, but sadly cultural and economic circumstances determined her to follow a different career. But the passion for design never dimmed. So later in life, she returned to her childhood dream. She attended  sewing classes and courses. And in 2021, after finishing the course at the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, she sewed her first tweed jacket. 

Aura is both the brains and the hands of the business. She designs, selects the fabrics, and sews. Her dream is to launch a physical atelier where she could hire a tailor in order for her to focus more on creating new designs.

Aura Design is a reflection of Aura’s sense of style and values. She values quality and simplicity and believes in dressing as a form of self-expression. For Aura, fashion is more than just looks and trends. It is about feelings. She wants to give these feelings forward, making other women feel confident and empowered!

Being a wife and mother herself, Aura shares her time between work and family. So chicness and practicality are equally important when you are biking in the city, running errands, or meeting with friends after work. She is always observing and taking notes, so her creations can adapt to modern women’s lifestyles.

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CVR: 33187408

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